“El Carmen” Natural Sciences Collection

Castellón Mediterráneo

In 1952, an office was created for Science, Physics and Chemistry classes, designated for higher studies at the Carmelite Fathers School in Onda. In 1955 a first extension was created and in 1957 its extension was doubled and it was opened to the public. In 1962 there was talk of a blueprint for “a new Museum, which would house the contents that the Carmelite Fathers had collected over the years and which was located on the lands that the Carmelite Fathers themselves had annexed to the Convent and the Church with direct access from the road from Onda to Tales. At the end of 1963, works were begun and the new Museum began operating in 1965.

The Museum is located in a building divided into three floors and with a large common space in the centre.

On the ground floor we can find thirty-two display cabinets with the world’s fauna except for the smaller birds that are found on the first floor. On this ground floor, there is also the library and temporary exhibitions room, the projection room and a classroom, with capacity for sixty people, in which lectures, audiovisual projections, auditions and specific classes are held.

On the first floor, along with the smaller birds, we can find other sections of Osteology, Anatomy, Malacology (molluscs), Oology (eggs), Phytopathology, Entomology and Botany.

The second floor show us a study of the matter, the formation of the universe, the earth, the evolution to the formation of life and its evolution to present.

This is all we can discover during our visit to "El Carmen" Natural Sciences Collection: over 2,000 species of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, crustaceans and batrachians. Also, an invertebrates section with about 5,500 species, more than 1,500 plants in the herbaria, 3,500 minerals, more than 500 fossils, and an equal number in the Malacology section. There are fifty anatomical pieces and the same in the Osteology section.

Colección de Ciencias Naturales “El Carmen”

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Complejo Museo el Carmen, 1, 12200 Onda, Castellón