Cabanyal Street Art

València: Urban Art Museum

A large group of urban artists, bursting with creativity, have converted the city of València into a huge open-air museum. The facades of restored or abandoned buildings, the walls of empty lots, the frontages and sliding shutters of a number of shops have been turned into works of art, into the ideal canvas for street artists who, with graffiti and other types of urban interventions, transmit an idea, put their signature and give life and colour to the nooks and crannies of the city.

Street art has now become a major phenomenon, attracting the attention of many towards this art form, while also bringing us closer to a range of visual methods. Just like the art in museums, which includes a range of specific techniques, street art also makes use of different methods and styles that can be learnt by taking this route, which also enables people to learn how to distinguish between street art and graffiti, between a street artist and a graffiti writer.


Street art València

Many artists play a part in the surprising aesthetic that now decorates the city of Valencia: Julieta xlf, Pantone, Escif, Cere, La Nena Wapa Wapa, Deih, Hyuro Blu, and many others. And not just Spanish artists, since the city is now on the international map of street art thanks to the quantity and quality of works by artists who come here to paint, attracted by the many street art festivals held in different parts of the Region of Valencia.