Bullfighting Museum


The Bullfighting Museum of Valencia was founded in 1929 with funds donated by Luis Moróder Peiró, a bullfighting fan and by a bullfighter’s assistant José Bayard Badila, two collectors who spent years amassing a large number of materials and objects from Valencian bullfighting of the 19th and early 20th century.

Over the years, the museum has been renovated several times and its collections have been completed with it becoming one of the oldest and most important museums in Spain. Furthermore, the Bullfighting Museum of Valencia is a space that shares the world and art of bullfighting.

The museum has a permanent collection that shows the evolution of Valencian bullfighting from the 19th century to the present day and also the history of the bullring in Valencia, the development of the spectacle of bullfighting and the role of its main protagonists: the bull and the bullfighter.

The museum aims to bring to the public the interesting bullfighting and heritage value of the bullring in Valencia, a traditional place for meeting and holding social celebrations, and the Valencian bullfighting arena, in which important pages of Spanish bullfighting have been written since its inauguration in 1859.

The exhibition is organised into 4 subject areas: the evolution of Valencian bullfighting; the fighting bull; the training of the bullfighter; the liturgy of bullfighting and the bullring.

Furthermore, within the exhibition are pieces of bullfighting clothing that are part of the Silk Road and are unique examples of this type.

The museum has a specialised library and an audiovisual room where the process of bullfighting with its three thirds is projected.

From the Bullfighting Museum we can visit the bullring in Valencia and tour each of the spaces in it.

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Pasaje Doctor Serra 10, 46004 València