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Camins d'Art


A large group of urban artists, bursting with creativity, have converted the city of Valencia into a large open-air museum.

CaminArt, Camins de Cultura i d’Art, has been running since 2013 with a mission to educate and connect people to the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the city of the València from a different perspective, via routes, guided visits and experiences that set out to interpret heritage using an educational and user friendly approach in which the group's services become a unique experience.

The group is made up of graduates of Art History and Official Tourist Guides certified by the Regional Government of Valencia, specialising in the architecture, history, culture, art and heritage of the city.

Two of the group's routes focus on the street art to be found on the walls of the city, in the maritime districts of Canyamelar i Cabanyal  and in the old centre of València.