Pinazo House-Museum


Pinazo house-museum, located in the municipality of Godella, includes works by the painter Ignacio Pinazo (1849 - 1916) and his sons José Pinazo Martínez (1879 - 1933), a painter, and Ignacio Pinazo Martínez (1883 - 1970), a sculptor.

The painting, sculpture and drawing collections of the house-museum are essential for gaining a good understanding of the artistic production and the way of life of the Pinazo family. The preservation of personal documents, paintings, sculptures, tools, furniture, books and other objects of the time provide added value.

The house-museum was built in the style of the rural properties of the region. It has a single floor with a central corridor hall, where carts used to pass through, perpendicular to the road, at whose corners the four rooms are located.

Moreover, the farmyard area was transformed into a small garden and the area that was normally used as a stable was occupied by his workshop. These two elements were vital for Pinazo since this environment was ideal for resting, taking a break from work or meditating, which he loved to do.

The house-museum houses a large collection of drawings, notes, letters, writings, periodicals and books that make the pilgrimage to Godella a must for historians and scholars in search of documentation that can only be consulted there.

Oil paintings, drawings, watercolours, a photographic collection and a document collection such as notes, letters, writings and periodicals, etc. of the artist Ignacio Pinazo can be found. There is only a small collection of oil paintings by José Pinazo Martínez in the house-museum. Lastly, we can find bronze and wood sculptures, drawings, theoretical works, a photographic collection and a document collection of the sculptor Ignacio Pinazo Martínez, as well as small oil paintings created together during his time as an apprentice.

Casa - Museo Pinazo

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Carrer Pintor Pinazo nº 31, CP:46110 Godella (València)