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The sundials of Otos


The sundials of Otos, (Los relojes de sol de Otos) form an open air museum in the small village of Vall d'Albaida, and one of the best ways to enjoy them is by participating in one of the guided visits.

The route was born in 2005 with the creation of 8 sundials made by local artists of national and international renown: Arcadi Blasco, Rafael Armengol, Manuel Boix, Toni Miró, Andreu Alfaro, Artur Heras, Elisa Martí and Rafael Amorós. Otos now has more than thirty sundials.


Ruta de los relojes de sol

Open location

Diumenges a les 11h, a la Plaça del Llaurador eixen les rutes guiades
Per a grups nombrosos, millor telefonar abans al 96 235 82 35

És possible concertar visites altres dies i en horari diferent.