Cultural Mediterranean

AIP Idiomas


Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes in Valencia.

We offer Spanish language courses for all levels with tailor-made teaching materials to meet everyone’s personal needs. Also, we organise plenty of cultural and entertainment activities such as trips, exhibitions, language exchanges, food tasting meals, etc. That way you can truly experience the Mediterranean lifestyle under the bright sun of Valencia in Spain.

Our school offers Spanish language courses based on a communicative method, highly dynamic, taught by qualified Spanish nationals in small groups.  Weekly tests, strict quality control, individual support and monitoring are some of the cornerstones on which the AIP Language Institute bases its work.

With a surface area of 850 square meters, 23 modern and full-equipped classrooms and a capacity for more than 250 students to attend lessons simultaneously, you will learn Spanish efficiently and they will enjoy an unforgettable cultural immersion experience in Valencia.

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AIP Idiomas

Open location
963 391 566

Calle Bachiller Nº7

46010 València