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Españolé IH Valencia


Accredited School by Instituto Cervantes

Españolé IH Valencia is a Spanish school for foreigners that offers its students everything they need from the moment they arrive in Valencia until they leave.

We organise both arrival and departure transfers; we provide different types of accommodation; we organise a large number of activities, both during the week and on weekends, and we make every effort to ensure that our students are soaked up with our customs, way of life and culture, so that it becomes the best experience of their life.

For this we have the best tools.

A dynamic, close and highly trained humane team that ensures that the students progress adequately, integrate with each other and with the environment, and that they feel at home.

Our facilities, located at number 36 of Calle de los Caballeros (at the heart of the Carmen neighborhood), tell by themselves part of the history of Valencia. They are equipped with the latest technology, and best of all, the destination.

Valencia is currently considered as one of the best tourist destinations in the world for all that it can offer, which is a lot. History, culture, climate, security, quality of life, gastronomy, beach, sea, mountains and easy access from and to countless destinations, for those who want to extend their experience.

Only when we achieve that our students have experienced a little of everything described above, we feel satisfied because we know that success is assured!

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Españolé IH Valencia

Open location
963 530 404

Calle Caballeros Nº 36

46001 València