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Accredited school by Instituto Cervantes

Languages ​​are learnt by living them and the life of a city takes place in its center. With Taronja School you will learn Spanish in the heart of Valencia. An ideal city for its size, its climate, gastronomy (the world famous paella was born here), culture, history and its good communications.

Taronja is a family school, with more than 15 years of experience, recognized for the good care and attention with which we treat all the ‘ingredients’ that are part of our courses.

We offer Spanish courses for all levels throughout the year. We only have one objective, the same one we have been devoted to since the beginning: that our students learn Spanish and experience, at the same time, the way we live and what our customs are.

In our Spanish courses you will be the main character. Our entire team will be at your disposal to make your learning effective and practical. We have the best materials and technologies for classroom so that you can make the most of your stay with us.

Not only will you learn in classroom, but your experience will continue throughout the city of Valencia. We are known for having probably the best-valued sociocultural program of all the language schools in Spain. We will take you to the best natural routes, we will help you discover the best leisure offer in the city, you will cook, you will dance and, above all, we will teach you the most authentic things, those that  are not shown in tourist guides.

The main difference between learning in a school like Taronja, or learning with applications, or with large schools where the student is just one more, is the closeness and attention we offer. We will be watching over you, even before your arrival, so you can enjoy a 360-degree experience!

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Taronja School

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