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Royal Sanctuary of Virgen María de la Font de la Salud

Castellón Mediterráneo

The influence of the Borgias in the 16th century on politics and religion left its mark on the Real Santuario Virgen María de la Font de la Salud, the most iconic monument in the town of Traiguera. Distinguished members of the Borgia family visited often and there are numerous documents recording the supply of municipal services by the Mestre de Montesa, Pere Lluís Garceran de Borgia. 

The Bishop of Segorbe between 1531 and 1536, Jofre de Borgia, was very fond of the Real Santuario and commissioned building work on the Hostería (Guest House) standing between the church and the Font del Miracle fountain, where the sanctuary begins. The building houses the Bishop's Chamber with his crest over the door and the windows, plus wooden carved corbels holding up the coffered ceiling that depict Bishops and Cardinals as well as Jofre de Borgia himself.

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Real Santuario Virgen María de la Font de la Salud

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Calle la Fuente, 12330 Traiguera, Castellón