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Accredited school by Instituto Cervantes

Enforex has two Spanish schools in the Valencia Region. One of them is located in Valencia city, right in the University District, giving international students the chance to enjoy a young and lively atmosphere while staying connected to the city center and all its touristic attractions. The other Spanish school is found on the most well-known and lively street in Alicante, right in front of a major tourist appeal: the Mediterranean. Both centers have the shared mission of teaching Spanish language and culture inside and outside of the classroom, tourism being at the core of the experience they offer.

Students learn Spanish in small groups with personalized attention and have access to multimedia resources that help them make the most of their study time at the school. In addition to that, Enforex helps language tourists explore the Region of Valencia with a complete cultural immersion program which is developed outside of the schools.  

As for their course, those interested in Spanish language and culture can choose among intensive courses, private classes, or official exam preparation, such as DELE or SIELE training. Once classes are over and at no additional cost, don Enforex teachers organize cultural workshops that aim to portray the incredible diversity of the Valencian culture.

Outside of the schools, Enforex organizes field trips and excursions to some of the tourist-preferred attractions, such as the Central Market and the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia or Santa Barbara’s Castle in Alicante. The school arranges trips to nearby beautiful towns such as Peñíscola or Elche’s palm trees as well, helping international visitors get a complete picture of a region that has a lot more to offer than simply good weather and amazing beaches.

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