Modern Art Museum - Pedralba 2000


The Modern Art Museum Pedralba 2000 is located in a typical three-floor farmhouse in Pedralba, Valencia, where you can see and enjoy a large collection of modern art works made up of over 300 paintings and sculptures from artists from Spain and around the world.

This space contains a varied and interesting range of works that enable the visitor to travel through a number of techniques and periods of modern art in just a few rooms. One of the aims of this space is bring works closer to the public in an interesting and entertaining manner, to enable all kinds of visitors to enjoy art free of frustrations, to learn through play and fun. The museum not only offers guided visits but also workshops and activities of many different types geared towards all types of visitor.

One of the most popular tours is “How to visit a museum” in which the guides play with the children, teaching them what rules should be obeyed in a museum (not running, not touching the works of art, etc.) and what things they should pay attention to when looking at a work such as a painting or sculpture (colours, shapes, textures, balance, etc.), the basic notions are explained first to make them more accessible before talking about artists, or currents and styles in painting…

Different workshops are also organised, which vary in complexity and depth depending on the age of the participants, and which are focused on schoolchildren, school visits and associations

The Casa-Museo Pedralba 2000 is free and also offers visits that can be recommended to any kind of visitor, which has made it a cultural benchmark for the province of Valencia and a space not to be missed if you are in the area.


Museo de Arte Moderno de Pedralba - Pedralba 2000

Open location

Calle Bugarra, 37, 46164 Pedralba, Valencia

Teléfono962 70 80 94