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Salvador Soria, Art Space


The Espai d’Art Contemporani Salvador Soria en Benissa, is a recently established museum that contains work by the artist and other winners of the award with the same name. Works by different prize winners are on show and the collection includes works by local and international artists such as Lola Berenguer, Carlos Montoya, Sergio Luna and María González Garrigues.

The museum is in the Cases del Batlle, named as such for once being the residence of the mayor of Vila de Benissa.                   


                       vídeo presentación espai d'art contemporani

The museum space and the now firmly established painting competition are assets that will surely help to make the museum a success. Visitors can enjoy more than three decades of modern art in one single space


Espai d'art contemporani Salvador Soria

Open location

Martes a domingo: 10:30h - 13:30h

Martes a sábado: 17:00h - 20:30h

Festivos: 10:30h - 13:30h

Gaspar Tello, 3 | C/ Puríssima, 38 -40


Tel · 96 573 13 13