Valencia Festival Museum (Algemesí)


On 6 September 2002, Algemesí, in collaboration with the City Council of Valencia, opened the Valencia Festival Museum, a museum that acclaims its intangible heritage, located in the premises of the former Convent of San Vicente Ferrer, built in the 16th century. The building was constructed by the Dominican friars following its foundation in 1590. The institution is also the headquarters of the General Inventory of Valencian Festivals developed by the Departments of Sociology and Social Anthropology of the University of Valencia and a sub-headquarters of the Museums Network of the City Council of Valencia.

The museum acclaims our intangible heritage by taking a journey through the history, music, clothing, customs, festive gastronomy and all the objects and documents related to the celebration, presented in a direct and educational manner, which will be the point of reference for presentations of all the exhibition spaces. Special care will also be taken over education and leisure, with temporary offers of an educational nature such as workshops for the school-age public, exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, concerts, plays and exhibitions of festive elements being organised.

La Mare de Déu de la Salut Festivals are the subject around which the first permanent exhibition of the Valencia Festival Museum is organised. This exhibition will subsequently be supplemented by a second exhibition that will take all of Valencia as a documentary space, turning Algemesí and the museum into the point of reference, dissemination and study of all Valencian festive traditions.

Silk is also part of the festival, especially in the traditional costumes of the Llauradores, who participate by dancing typical musical pieces known as boleros. The participants in the bolero are recognised and distinguished by their Valencian style attire whose main items, such as bodices, waistcoats and skirts, are normally made of silk. Therefore, the section dedicated to this group allows visitors to view the traditional clothing made from this fabric through several very valuable dresses.

Museu Valencià de la Festa

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Antiguo Convento de San Vicente Ferrer, Algemesí