Chera Geological Park

Sot de Chera

A park to enjoy outdoors

The Geological Park of Chera covers most of the municipality of this locality located within the Region of Valencia. It is an outdoor park, which contains the exemplary representation of the geological structure of a Tectonic Trench, which is an elongated morphological depression, limited by large fractures that break the land into blocks, some of which have sunk.

The geological park extends 70 square km and has 600 metres of unevenness on the surface. It has geological structures and relief forms developed during the last 150 million years.

Visiting the Geological Park of Chera is a unique opportunity to gain an introductory knowledge of the geology of Valencia, through field examples. Registered here are all the events that have occurred in the Iberian Range during the last 150 million years, including the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs and all the processes that have occurred since our environment went from being a marine basin, associated with the Tethys, to become a mountain system next to the Mediterranean.

Many of the examples of structures illustrated in the books of Geology can be observed in the Geological Park of Chera (strata, faults, folds, formations of travertines, fossils, etc.).

To discover this great complex of nature, the park has an interpretation centre and a series of routes or field itineraries, which allow the visitor to form an idea of the different aspects that make up our natural environment.

The visit to the Park should not be carried out without a prior visit to the Cultural Outreach Centre of the Geological Park. In addition to being the starting point of the seven field itineraries, this centre has a collection of fossils and minerals, and a series of models and explanatory panels of the geological park.

Parque Geológico

Open location