Juan Cano Forner Palaeontological Museum Collection

Castellón Mediterráneo
Sant Mateu

The Juan Cano Forner Paleontological Museum is notable for the quality and quantity of the exhibits, making it the best private palaeontology collection in the Region of Valencia.

In it, pieces from all geological eras and most stratigraphies are exhibited. Many of the exposed fossils are representative of the Maestrat. Its spectacular collection of ammonites should be highlighted.

The collection is made up of a wide variety of fossil groups, around 5,000, both marine and continental, where ammonoids and nautiloids are notable for their size and preservation. The funds represent all the geological periods, mainly of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Periods, of the Castellon regions where part of the fossils come from.

The guided tour of the museum is highly recommended both due to the variety and preservation of the fossils and due to the educational visit given by its director, Juan Cano.

Colección Museográfica de Paleontología Juan Cano Forner

Open location
964 416 590

Carrer de Barcelona nº 23, Sant Mateu (Castellón)