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Bejís Ichnological Site – Cultural Heritage Site

Castellón Mediterráneo

In the Ichnological site of Bejís, in the province of Castellon, three ichnites have been identified in the ceiling of two strata of red sandstones of the Triassic Period. A block of sandstone, fallen at the foot of the road, contains two pentadactyl prints, belonging to the same foot.

The stratum also contains invertebrate traces and current marks. A third digitigrade tridactyl footprint, of a dinosauriforme type, is located on the ceiling of a stratum of sandstone situated on the slope of the road. The ichnite has a rounded morphology, slightly longer than wide, with impressions of fingers joined together. It is a morphology similar to that of the footprint of a basal dinosauriforme or a prosauropod dinosaur.

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