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Barranco de Vallivana Ichnological Site – Cultural Heritage Site (Morella)

Castellón Mediterráneo

The ichnological site of the Barranco de Vallivana, from the Lower Cretaceous Period, about 135 million years old, is located next to an abandoned section of the N-232 road, around 17 km from the town of Morella, in the surroundings of the Macareno farmyard.

It is constituted by a sequence of lacustrine limestones that contain around 25 clearly identifiable tridactyl ichnites, as well as several partially preserved icnites that make up a surface with very notable dinoturbation. The footprints belong to theropod dinosaurs, which left their prints when moving over sediments of a lacustrine environment. Four of the best-defined ichnites are grouped on a North-South orientation.

The site has been prepared to enhance its visitability.

Yacimiento Icnológico del Barranco de Vallivana

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