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Come and visit the museum the MUSEU ISURUS, Museu Paleontològic i de les Ciencies – Alcoi, where you will find...

The collection of the Mesozoic era includes pieces from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, with importance being given to the first Prognathodon tooth discovered in the Spanish Levante, Castalla (Alicante), by Mr. Manuel García Ávila, and also to the Ammonite pieces of the Blas Giner Site, La Querola and Canteres de Comellars, as well as fossils of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park.

The Cenozoic era collection is very significant because of the large number and variety of pieces found in the region. The collection of the Salle del Hermano Adrover, the Ichnofossils of the Typical Locality of Alcoy and the microvertebrate collections of the Lignite Mine and Barranc de Gormaget (in Alcoy) and the Salema Site of Facheca are notable.

Most of the paleontological exhibition consists of specimens from Alcoy and its regions. The museum consists of permanent and temporary exhibitions and other areas dedicated to Natural Sciences. The visit is a vision of what our regions were like and which beings inhabited them, all with illustrations and informative panels treated in a simple and informative way.

Museu Paleontològic i de les Ciències

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